Duran Duran - Sunrise Guitar Chords

Duran Duran

dance rock, new romantic, new wave, new wave pop

Chords: Dm7, Dm, C/D, Am/D, Gm7, Gm, D, F
     Duran Duran - Sunrise

One of the greatest songs ever. Searched the chords on keyboard while paying attention
to what is actually played, because I had not found a correct version yet. Below is my
best guess.

Intro: Dm7

        Dm        C/D
Now the time has come
    Am/D       Gm7
The music's between us
           Dm            C/D
Though the night seems young
Am/D         Gm7
    Is at an end
     Dm          C/D
Only change will bring
Am/D                   Gm7
     You out of the darkness
        Dm           C/D
In this moment everything
    Am/D  Gm7
Is born again

Chorus x 2
    Gm               D
    Reach up for the sunrise
             F              D
    Put your hands into the big sky
    Gm                D
    You can touch the sunrise
             F             D
    Feel the new day enter your life

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