Duran Duran - Skin Trade Guitar Chords

Duran Duran

dance rock, new romantic, new wave, new wave pop

Chords: A6, F#m, G, A, B, C, D, Em
Album:  Notorious (1986)

This song uses an A6 to F#m riff at the beginning. Theoretically, they are almost the 
chord because the notes that comprise them are similar.  Therefore, staying on the A6 
through the beginning while the bass goes to the F# works as well as switching.

Here are the shapes I'd use for the A6 / F#m

To say that a different way:  You can use the A6 in place of the F#m if you'd like

5 - high E   pointer
7 - Bstring - pinky
6 - G string - middle
7 - D string - ring
X - low E


For the beginning riff you play the A6 chord and dip it down one fret to play the slide chord.

i.e   A6...A6...A6...A6-G#6-A6    just slide the whole chord down one fret and back up. 
to the record, you'll hear the change.

5      4
7      6
6      5
5      4
X      X
X      X

A6             A6
Working on the weekend, baby.
       F#m                    F#m/A6 slide thing
She's working all through the night.
A6               A6
A jump into the deep end gave her
      F#m         F#m (A6 slide)
The evidence she required.
       A6              A6
Takes five she's got pearls.
        F#m                            G
Don't fake it when it comes to making money.
         A6               A6
So she smiles. But that's cruel.
If you know what she thinks
If you knew what she was after.

Sometimes she wonders,
And she laughs in her frustration.

break: A - B - C - D

       Em                       B
Would someone please explain
       Em                                 A
The reason for this strange behaviour.
      Em                 B
In exploitation's name
    Em                                    A
We must be working for the Skin Trade.

break: C - B

same chords throughout remainder

Doctors of the revolution gave us
The medicine we desired.
Besides being absolutely painless
It's a question of compromise.
They got steel.
So cool to get angry at the weekend
And go back to school.
So big deal it's what rules.
When it comes to making money,
Say yes, please thank you.

Sometimes you wonder, and ask yourself the question.

[CHORUS (Repeated)]

I know the answer, but I'm asking you the question.

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