Duran Duran - Midnight Sun Guitar Chords

Duran Duran

dance rock, new romantic, new wave, new wave pop

Chords: F, C, Dm, Am, D, Bb, Gm
I am using an alternate version for the translation - the one with the extended ending
the demo tracks.  I think it follows the Medazzaland one pretty close...

The (Am) after the (Dm) is heard sometimes in the chorus.  Well, at least the bass on
track I listen to goes to an 'A'.  You can play this "implied" Am or just stay on Dm,
way sounds good just a matter of preference...

Notice sometimes the Dm becomes a "D" - (i.e. in the parts like "Don't know you at all"
at the end.  DD does this quite a bit (going from a minor to a major of the same root)
it gets confusing when transcribing b/c you are used to the minor and then they throw in 
different.  So note the Dm vs. D parts, subtle but gives it it's cool 'DD'
(I think this was a Warren thing...)


Intro:  F, C, Dm

      F          C          Dm     (Am)
As I watch you flickering slowly
        F        C          Dm      (Am)
In the shadows, nothing to hold
             F        C        Dm       (Am)
It’s as if I don’t recall our time before
             F   C  Dm     (Am)
And would it be so wrong
F        C     Dm    (Am)
Not to remember?
           F        C           Dm      (Am)
There are times I look at you differently
          F      C         Dm      (Am)
Like I’d never seen you before
              F       C
Funny after all we’ve done
          Dm        (Am)      F   C   D    (Am)
You could be someone I don't know at all
              F  C  D
(Don’t know you at all)

Break:  Bb - F
C                       Gm
Catch me I don’t want to fall

         F         C            Dm      (Am)
But you pull the mountain from under me
            F       C        Dm      (Am)
Look, I’m dangling up in the blue
           F        C       Dm       (Am)
And it’s a cartoon coyote eternity
          F   C        Dm     (Am)
Before I drop down to you
F          C          Dm    (Am)
What am I supposed to do now?

F - C - Dm - (Am) X4

          F         C          Dm   (Am)
There is something beautiful shining
        F       C            Dm    (Am)
In the far off night of your hair
             F         C            Dm       (Am)
Funny for a while it seemed to come from the sky
         F    C   D
But it’s in your head
         F     C    D
Yes it fills your head

Bb                F
You and I don’t always fly
C                   Gm
Let me go I want to fall
Deep into the dark
     Dm       C       Bb
But I’ll get back to you
           F      C          D
And I’ll always know how to find you
            F             C       D
Cause you shine like the midnight sun

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