Dried Cassava Guitar Chords

Dried Cassava


Music, like a pack of sardines, a pair of shoes, a blow of wind, a human being, is not as simple as an object. Music might be a subject that tells stories. Most of the time, it is the story itself. Giving human air to breathe the words through its intangible sounds, providing probabilities to wide interpretations.

It was in the mid of 2005 in Jakarta. They are Kago, Bana, Baskoro, and Nandie (left to right). Producing alternative sounds, collaborating into a band. Today, as the feast of music is celebrated worldwide, stands a bowl of Dried Cassava. Offering you salty imaginations yet with the bitter sweets of life. Not to fill up the guts but simply to feed the eager to listen. Prepare to feel with ears, to listen with minds, to experience as a being. Tasty as it is, this is Dried Cassava; four beings to celebrate the pleasure of music and the privilege of doing it. What’s there to take is not yours nor mine, yet the mind’s to decide.
Genres: indonesian indie

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