Dreamgirl Guitar Chords



Dreamgirl is a ‘dream-pop’ music group formed in St. Joseph, Missouri in 2013. Now based out of Kansas City, Missouri, and building off of the success of their breakout EP “Illuminaughty” (2015), Dreamgirl has released a full-length, self-titled LP and is currently working on a new EP. They have gained an impressive following both stellarly and interstellarly. Up until the summer of 2018, they operated and managed themselves completely internally. Now they have partnered with Rogue Booking Agency. Dreamgirl has benefited massively from internet platforms like Spotify and Youtube. Current members include Austin Marks, Ian Dobyns, Lacey Hopkins, and Skylar Smith. A family of friends lost in a dream.
Genres: indie garage rock, indie psych-rock, lo-fi beats

Guitar Chords:

American Blonde
Teenage Blue