Drake Bell Guitar Chords

Drake Bell


A Southern California native, Drake Bell has been in the industry since he was very young. He was featured in tv shows and movies such as Home Improvement, Jerry Maguire and Seinfeld. He continued his love of acting and became a series regular on The Amanda Show starring Amanda Bynes which was followed by his popular tv show Drake and Josh. Drake also voiced Peter Parker on the series The Ultimate Spiderman. More recently, Drake starred in the MTV show the Challenge and has been touring to promote his new music.

Drake has always had a love for music from co-writing the Drake and Josh theme song, to creating his own music. He has released various full length albums and EP’s over the years and in 2017 released the Honest EP which he toured both nationally and internationally to promote.

In 2018, Drake released two music videos, which have received notice in the press and have over one million views combined. Drake dropped two new singles summer 2018, and is making waves in the music industry with his new sound and working with artists such as Josh Dun, Lil Mama, Mike Taylor and Tank God. He will continue to tour both nationally and internationally. <br>
Genres: post-teen pop

Guitar Chords:

12 Days Of Christmas
14U (ver. 2)
A Little More Time
All Alone At The Disco
All Alone At The Disco (ver. 2)
Beautiful Dreamer
Big Shot
Big Shot (ver. 2)
Bitchcraft (ver. 2)
Bitchcraft (ver. 3)
Blue Sky Love
Break Me Down
Break Me Down (ver. 2)
Bull (ver. 2)
Christmas Promise
Dont Preach
Dont Preach (ver. 2)
Dont Preach (ver. 3)
Do What You Want
Do What You Want (ver. 2)
Down We Fall
Down We Fall (ver. 2)
Down We Fall (ver. 3)
Down We Fall (ver. 4)
Down We Fall (ver. 5)
End It Good
End It Good (ver. 2)
Everything Is Gonna Be Ok
Everything Is Gonna Be Ok (ver. 2)
Everything Is Gonna Be Ok (ver. 3)
Everything Is Gonna Be Ok (ver. 4)
Fallen For You
Fallen For You (ver. 2)
Fallen For You (ver. 3)
Feel No Ways
Fool The World
Girl Next Door
Girl Next Door (ver. 2)
Golden Days
Highway To Nowhere
Highway To Nowhere (ver. 2)
Highway To Nowhere (ver. 3)
Hollywood Girl
Hollywood Girl (ver. 2)
Hollywood Girl (ver. 3)
Hollywood Girl (ver. 4)
Hollywood Girl (ver. 5)
Hollywood Girl (ver. 6)
I Found A Way
I Found A Way (ver. 2)
I Found A Way (ver. 3)
I Found A Way (ver. 4)
I Found A Way (ver. 5)
I Found A Way (ver. 6)
I Found A Way (ver. 7)
I Know
I Know (ver. 2)
I Know (ver. 3)
I Know (ver. 4)
I Need You Now
I Need You Now (ver. 2)
I Need You Now (ver. 3)
In The End
In The End (ver. 2)
In The End (ver. 3)
In The End (ver. 4)
In The End (ver. 5)
Jingle Bells
Just Drive
Leave It All Behind
Lets Drive
Lonely (ver. 2)
Lost A Lover
Lost A Lover (ver. 2)
Love Back
Makes Me Happy
Makes Me Happy (ver. 2)
Move On
Move On (ver. 2)
Move On (ver. 3)
Move On (ver. 4)
Nevermind (ver. 2)
Nevermind (ver. 3)
Nowhere Else To Go
Ocean Blue
Our Love
Out There
Park La Brea
Queen Of Sympathy
Rusted Silhouette
Rusted Silhouette (ver. 2)
Saturday Night
Sea Song
Sea Song (ver. 2)
Sea Song (ver. 3)
See You Again
Shades Of Grey
Shes On Her Own
Solo Flight
Somehow (ver. 2)
Somehow (ver. 3)
Speak My Mind
Sunny Afternoon
Superhero Movie
Superhero Song
Telegraph (ver. 2)
Telegraph (ver. 3)
Telegraph (ver. 4)
Tell Me
Tell Me (ver. 2)
Terrific (ver. 2)
Terrific (ver. 3)
The Lost Guitar Tapes
The Lost Guitar Tapes (ver. 2)
The Lost Guitar Tapes (ver. 3)
Up Periscope
Up Periscope (ver. 2)
Wet Ground
What You Need
Wrong Side Of The Sun
Yesterdays Fool
Youre Not Thinking