Dotter Guitar Chords



Swedish singer-songwriter Dotter is a fascinating anomaly in the indie-pop world. Boasting a sounds that feels like “a cross between Abba and Lana Del Rey” (Popjustice), she captures the spirit of the finest female artists of the early 70s combined with a very modern sound. Born Johanna Maria Jansson (she adopted the name Dotter – Swedish for daughter) in the striking and artistically-friendly environment of Arvika, not far from the Swedish/Norwegian border, she started playing music. Dotter experimented with home recordings and started writing piano compositions as a child. After collaborating with producers online, she decided to head to Stockholm:“I found a guy who wanted to record a demo with me,” she recalls. That connection with producer Dino Medanhodzic sparked a rich creative partnership as they crafted her breakthrough single ‘My Flower’, her follow-up ‘Dive’ and ‘Creatures of the Sun and Evolution’ in 2017. Then Rebellion and Cry was born which went number one on iTunes and got a third place position on Viral 50 in Sweden. Dotter did just release her new single Heatwave which she wrote together with the songwriter Cassandra Ströberg and the London-based producer Michael Angelo. Possessing a unique approach, Dotter’s inimitable charm will be the calling card that enables her to be discovered by the wider world.

Guitar Chords:

Creatures Of The Sun
Cry (ver. 2)
My Flower