Dorian Guitar Chords



Rising queer pop musician Dorian Electra makes music that defies gender norms. Dorian is best known for their series of colorful pop music videos about the history of sexuality and gender like Clitopia (Ode to the Clitoris), 2000 Years of Drag, and Vibrator (2016). Electra’s songs blend 00s pop and 80s funk. Their live performances feature choreographed dancers, video projections, and their on-stage persona is best described as a mix of an early 2000s Britney Spears and a sleazy Las Vegas lounge singer. Dorian’s gender-bending vocals were featured most recently on Charli XCX’s “Femmebot (feat. Dorian Electra and Mykki Blanco)” with Mykki Blanco. This year Dorian joins the Russian group Pussy Riot for their first US tour.

Genres: escape room, strut

Guitar Chords:

A Cualquier Otra Parte
A Cualquier Otra Parte (ver. 2)
A Cualquier Otra Parte (ver. 3)
Algunos Amigos
Alma Mía
El Temblor
Estudios De Mercado
La Mañana Herida
Las Palabras
La Tormenta De Arena
La Tormenta De Arena (ver. 2)
Los Amigos Que Perdí
Paraisos Atificiales
Tan Lejos De Tí
Te Hechamos De Menos
Verte Amanecer