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Judging by his definitive optimism and intoxicating music, you’d never guess that Dominic Balli was once a hopelessly tone-deaf teenager. Balli has been on the receiving end of both miracles and tragedy, and every emotion attached comes through on his newest album, GiVE ME THE TRUTH. When asked about his musical roots, Balli says, “Music is a gift. It was given to me. I mean, I went most of my life being one hundred percent musically inept, and totally unable to sing, and then one day it was like, “Here. This is yours. Use it.’” And on GiVE ME THE TRUTH it is undeniable that Balli uses the gift and his voice to convey deep-seated emotions overflowing from broken, honest, and healing heart.

With his previous album topping the Reggae and Christian Billboard Charts, and his first album topping the iTunes Reggae charts and finding a feature on the same genre’s home page, Balli’s newest offering GiVE ME THE TRUTH, is expected to leave no listener lacking any good thing. GiVE ME THE TRUTH creates a vulnerable setting that invites the audience into Balli’s story, while each track creates insight into the listener’s own personal narrative. From the loss of his most recent child, Nehemiah, to facing demons of resentment, doubt, and depression, Balli delves into untapped personal depths, and the result is his most honest and humanity-filled offfering yet.
Genres: adoracao

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Again And Again
Daisys Song