Dogbreth Guitar Chords



Since 2010, Dogbreth’s Tristan Jemsek has been charming his devoted following with guitar-driven power pop songs that poetically and tenderly capture specific emotional moments in full-blown rock songs. Formed and grown in Phoenix, Arizona, with Jemsek as the only steady member, the band has evolved over the years through three full-length albums, dozens of tours—some self-booked and some in support of bands like Waxahatchee, Joyce Manor, and AJJ—before landing in Seattle with it's current lineup of Jemsek (guitar), Bill Palmer (guitar), Greg Hughes (bass), and Malia Seavey (drums). 2016’s Second Home was released on Asian Man Records to acclaim from publications like NPR, who called Jemsek’s songwriting “the work of punks who write youthful, larger-than-life songs that still wrinkle at the edges.”

Guitar Chords:

Blueprints (ver. 2)