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Dog Fashion Disco


The D.C. alt-metal band Dog Fashion Disco doesn't play into classy decor or the music mainstream. Their vigor cites the same intensity as Clutch, Tool, and System of a Down, taking shape for the new millennium punk revival. The band, which is composed of frontman Todd D. Smith, guitarist Jasan Stepp, keyboardist Tim Swanson, bassist Brian White, and drummer John Ensminger, has toured with the likes of Slayer, Mastodon, and Stone Temple Pilots. In early 2001, the band marked its debut with Anarchists of Good Taste on Spitfire Records. Committed to a Bright Future followed two years later, their final album for Spitfire. A deal with Artemis Records surfaced in November 2004 while the band prepared for its first live effort. Recorded at Fletcher's in Baltimore, Maryland, The City Is Alive Tonight: Live in Baltimore was released in January 2005. Shortly after the release of their sixth album, Adultery, in 2006, Dog Fashion Disco went on an extended hiatus while Todd Smith and Jasan Stepp formed Polkadot Cadaver. DFD reformed in 2013 after an enormously successful crowd funding campaign which financed 2 new studio albums 2014's Sweet Nothings and 2015's Ad Nauseam. Extensive touring followed with headlining runs in the United States, Canada and Europe. In 2017 DFD released it's first album under the record label they started in 2010 Razor To Wrist Records, a remake of their 20 year old debut album Erotic Massage.
Genres: funk metal, jazz metal

Guitar Chords:

Desert Grave
Lookin For Love Part One
Vernal Equinox