DJ BoBo Guitar Chords



<p>DJ BoBo has sold 14 million records world-wide and has released 14 studio albums as well as a few compilation albums which have included his previous hits in a reworked format. He has also released more than 30 singles to date. Some of his hits: Chihuahua, What A Feeling (Duett with Irene Cara), There Is A Party, Somebody Dance With Me (3 number 1 Hits, 15 in the Top 10, 6 in the Top 20 charts.)

10 World Music Awards for being the "World's Best Selling Swiss Artist of the Year"

DJ BoBo became a United Nations World Food Programme National Ambassador against hunger in October 2006, becoming the first Swiss celebrity to take up the role.

The new DJ BoBo Album is called KaleidoLuna«</p><p>KaleidoLuna» the album is full of inventiveness, this album is alive!
The DJ BoBo and music-lovers will be surprised with timeless Pop-Songs which are full of ideas and power.
Genres: bubblegum dance, eurodance, europop, hip house

Guitar Chords:

Fiesta Loca
Life Goes On
There Is A Party