Dispatch Guitar Chords



Dispatch, the upbeat rock band that’s heralded as one of the biggest independent bands in history, is in the middle of one of their most prolific periods to date. Following the release of last year’s massively successful album America, Location 12, the trio went back out to Northern California: Stinson Beach’s Panoramic House, to wrap up some recording that they didn’t finish the first time around. This new collection of music is Location 13 and features the single “Letter to Lady J,” - it finds the band pushing boundaries and breaking new ground, welcoming old fans and new audiences alike by building new classics and reaching new heights. It's impossible to deny that few bands – at any level – have been able to achieve what Dispatch has: three sold-out shows at Madison Square Garden to raise funds for Zimbabwean humanitarian efforts, world tours and a concert in Boston that drew 110,000 fans. They’ve been known, since the band's inception, as being more than just about the music – they've constantly directed their energy to causes and campaigns along the way. Dispatch is going ahead into this new era with both the passion and vigor of a band in their infancy and the knowledge and power of one together for 20 years and counting. In a world where hope is in short supply, fear runs rampant and alternative facts blare louder than the truth, we need, more than ever, music that is honest. Dispatch is rising to the occasion by creating music that is vital to their fans and beyond.
Genres: jam band, pop rock, reggae rock

Guitar Chords:

Atticus Cobain
Bats In The Belfry
Bats In The Belfry (ver. 2)
Bats In The Belfry (ver. 3)
Begin Again
Be Gone
Bullet Holes
Circles Around The Sun
Circles Around The Sun (ver. 2)
Cover This
Cover This (ver. 2)
Curse And Crush
Elias (ver. 2)
Father Christmas
Flying Horses
Flying Horses (ver. 2)
Flying Horses (ver. 3)
Get Ready Boy
Here We Go
Hey Hey
Letter To Lady J
Midnight Lorry
Never Or Now
Only The Wild Ones
Open Up
Out Loud
Out Loud (ver. 2)
Out Loud (ver. 3)
Out Loud (ver. 4)
Painted Yellow Lines
Painted Yellow Lines (ver. 2)
Prince Of Spades
Questioned Apocalypes
Rice Water
Silent Steeples
Steeples (ver. 2)
The General
The General (ver. 2)
Two Coins
Walk With You
Water Stop
Way It Goes
We Hold A Gun