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Din Pedals


An alternative rock group with a powerful musical attack as well as the tug of emotional weight to their lyrics, the Din Pedals formed in 1991, initially a power trio looking for a lead vocalist. Comprised of guitarist Harrison, bassist Ben Dejong and drummer James Grundler, the group rehearsed for over a year before making their live debut. The threesome continued to look for a vocalist while Grundler occasionally helped out with the singing chores, and the Din Pedals finally decided to make Grundler the frontman when they met a classically trained percussionist, Alex Wong, who played the drums better than Grundler ever had. With the usual foursome intact, the group moved from their hometown of San Luis Obispo into neighboring Los Angeles, and signed with Epic in February 1997. Exactly one year later, their self-titled debut was released. ~ John Bush, Rovi

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