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Icelandic pop/rock band Dikta was formed in 1999 in a garage in Garðabær by Haukur, Jón Bjarni, Jón Þór & Skúli. Over their (almost) 20 year long career, they have released five albums, received two Icelandic Music Awards, toured all over Iceland, Germany, USA and once in the Faroe Islands. That was a grand old time. Their songs have featured prominently in Icelandic radio, crossing over from alternative to mainstream, making listeners of all ages to enjoy the emotional, catchy sounds of Dikta. Did I mention they have a platinum record for Get It Together? Wow.

In 2005 Dikta recorded Hunting for Happiness with producer Ace from British rock band Skunk Anansie. It received rave reviews and was later chosen as one of Iceland's best albums of all time.
Genres: icelandic indie, icelandic rock

Guitar Chords:

A Day At The Opera
Breaking The Waves
From Now On
I Miss You
Losing Every Day
Thank You
Thank You (ver. 2)
Well Meet Again