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Dido Armstrong is the former backing singer (with her brother Rollo’s band Faithless) who emerged from the shadows to make two of the best-selling albums in British chart history.

Dido’s titanic success swept her away. Released in 1998, No Angel’s success was slow burning, growing and growing to eventually become the bestselling album of 2001. All that time Dido was on the road, through the phenomenal Life For Rent in 2003, all the way to performing to a TV audience of billions at Live8 in 2005. Having toured for nine years straight, she then decided to stop. It was time for Dido to catch up with her own life.

Safe Trip Home was released in 2008, with a more acoustic and orchestral ambience. She got married in 2008 and a son, Stanley, was born in 2011. Dido went on to release one more album, Girl Who Got Away, in 2013, but once again opted not to take it on the road.

And now she’s back with her fifth album, Still On My Mind. Released in March 2019, the album wafts in like a beautiful breeze, a chilled out tumble of sadness and joy, melancholy and bliss. Still On My Mind is only Dido’s fifth album in 20 years. And it is right up there with her best work.

Dido has also announced that she will tour for the first time in 15 years, in May and June 2019. “I love this album,” she says. “It’s been an absolutely magical experience making it. And I want people to hear it. So I think it’s time to go out there again.”
Genres: dance pop, folk-pop, neo mellow, new wave pop, pop rock

Guitar Chords:

Afraid To Sleep
All You Want
All You Want (ver. 2)
All You Want (ver. 3)
All You Want (ver. 4)
All You Want (ver. 5)
Blackbird (ver. 2)
Burnin Love
Christmas Day
Closer (ver. 2)
Dont Believe In Love
Dont Believe In Love (ver. 2)
Dont Believe In Love (ver. 3)
Dont Leave Home
Dont Leave Home (ver. 2)
Dont Leave Home (ver. 3)
Dont Leave Home (ver. 4)
Dont Think Of Me
Dont Think Of Me (ver. 2)
Dont Think Of Me (ver. 3)
Do You Have A Little Time
Do You Have A Little Time (ver. 2)
End Of Night
Everything To Lose
Girl Who Got Away
Grafton Street
Grafton Street (ver. 2)
Happy New Year
Here With Me
Here With Me (ver. 2)
Here With Me (ver. 3)
Here With Me (ver. 4)
Here With Me (ver. 5)
Here With Me Roswell Theme
Honestly Ok
Hunter (ver. 2)
Hunter (ver. 3)
Im No Angel
It Comes And It Goes
Lets Runaway
Let Us Move On
Life For Rent
Life For Rent (ver. 2)
Life For Rent (ver. 3)
Life For Rent (ver. 4)
Life For Rent (ver. 5)
Life For Rent (ver. 6)
Look No Further
Look No Further (ver. 2)
Look No Further (ver. 3)
Marys In India
Marys In India (ver. 2)
My Life
My Life (ver. 2)
My Life (ver. 3)
My Lovers Gone
My Lovers Gone (ver. 2)
Never Wanna Say Its Love
Never Want To Say Its Love
No Angel
No Angel (ver. 2)
No Freedom
No Freedom (ver. 2)
Northern Skies
Paris (ver. 2)
Quiet Times
Quiet Times (ver. 2)
Sand In My Shoes
Sand In My Shoes (ver. 2)
Sand In My Shoes (ver. 3)
See The Sun
See The Sun (ver. 2)
See The Sun (ver. 3)
See You When Youre 40
See You When Youre 40 (ver. 2)
Sitting On The Roof Of The World
Small Town Boy
Stoned (ver. 2)
Take My Hand
Thank You
Thank You (ver. 2)
Thank You (ver. 3)
Thank You (ver. 4)
Thank You (ver. 5)
Thank You (ver. 6)
Thank You (ver. 7)
Thank You (ver. 8)
Thank You (ver. 9)
The Day Before The Day
This Land Is Mine
This Land Is Mine (ver. 2)
This Land Is Mine (ver. 3)
Us 2 Little Gods
Us 2 Little Gods (ver. 2)
White Flag
White Flag (ver. 2)
White Flag (ver. 3)
White Flag (ver. 4)
White Flag (ver. 5)
White Flag (ver. 6)
Who Makes You Feel