Depedro Guitar Chords



Depedro is the name of renowned songwriter and guitarist Jairo Zavala's solo project. He is well known in his native Spain for founding and leading Vacazul and 3000 Hombres, two of the country's leading rock bands during the 1990s. Jairo Zavala was born in Madrid, the son of a Peruvian father and Spanish mother. His earliest influences were the old habaneras and pre war songs that his grandparents loved, and the folk, pop, afrobeat and Brazil music his mother played at breakfast time every morning.
Genres: cantautor, latin rock, spanish indie pop, spanish rock

Guitar Chords:

Como El Viento
Como El Viento (ver. 2)
Como El Viento (ver. 3)
La Memoria
La Memoria (ver. 2)
La Memoria (ver. 3)
La Memoria (ver. 4)
Llorona (ver. 2)
Miguelito (ver. 2)
Te Sigo Sonando