Demons of Ruby Mae Guitar Chords

Demons of Ruby Mae


“unwavering but vunerable bursts of emotion” - The Line Of Best Fit
“quietly powerful fare” - Clash Magazine
"a beautiful soundscape with vast chasms of reverbed electronic space" - Gold Flake Paint

When Jonny Gavin and Adam Rowley joined to form Demons Of Ruby Mae a few years back, little did they know that soon they would be signed to record labels from New York to Berlin, listening to their music on hit TV shows and performing to sold out audiences… Hailing from Leicester seems a long way to have come but their music and independent approach know no boundaries.

New single ‘Young Blood’ drops September 14th 2018 and debut album Demons Of Ruby Mae is available everywhere October 26th 2018. Their headline tour kicks off on October 3rd in Brighton and see’s them hit London, Sheffield, Manchester, Glasgow, Nottingham and Newcastle. With more dates to come, their journey is just beginning.

Guitar Chords:

Beneath The Surface