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Demon Hunter


Demon Hunter is an American metal institution. The band's body of work is born from unwavering commitment, uncompromising creative determination, and stark recognition of the reality of an often-cold world tempered in defiant hope.

As a headlining act, Demon Hunter helped introduce audiences to bands like August Burns Red. They’ve co-headlined with Red and toured as direct support for both In Flames and As I Lay Dying in the United States and parts of Canada. They’ve traveled to South America, Europe, and Australia, headlining major festivals and club shows alike.

Ryan Clark (vocals) and his brother, former guitarist Don Clark, created Demon Hunter after the turn of the millennium, unleashing a self-titled first album backed by a still shadowy and enigmatic lineup in 2002. Summer of Darkness (2004), The Triptych (2005), Storm the Gates of Hell (2007), The World is a Thorn (2010), and True Defiance (2012) followed. Clark, Patrick Judge (lead guitar), Jeremiah Scott (rhythm guitar), Jonathan Dunn (bass), and Tim “Yogi” Watts (drums) saw their biggest first week sales with the release of Extremist (2014), until that debut was surpassed by the arrival of Outlive (2017).

Demon Hunter’s dedicated supporters and allies around the world wear the group’s symbol, lyrics and album imagery on their shirts, denim vests, backpacks, and uniforms, and in many cases, on their skin.
Genres: alternative metal, christian alternative rock, christian metal, christian rock, melodic metalcore, nu metal

Guitar Chords:

Annihilate The Corrupt Acoustic
Carry Me Down
Cold Winter Sun
Dead Flowers
Died In My Sleep
Driving Nails
Fading Away
Fading Away (ver. 2)
Half As Dead
Heart Of A Graveyard
Helpless Hope
I Am A Stone
I Will Fail You
I Will Fail You (ver. 2)
My Heartstrings Come Undone
One Thousand Apologies
One Thousand Apologies (ver. 2)
The Last One Alive
The Wind
Tide Began To Rise Acoustic
Tomorrow Never Comes