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Deas Vail


The christian rock band Deas Vail (translation: "God's Humble Servant") features the falsetto vocals of Wes Blaylock along with guitarist Andy Moore, drummer Kelsey Harelson, keyboardist Laura Beth Hudson, and bassist Jonathan Childs. Formed in central Arkansas in 2003, the band spent several years on the road before attracting attention from dc Talk's Mark Lee Townsend, who signed the group to his own label, Brave New World Records. An EP titled Collapse followed in 2006, with the full-length album All the Houses Look the Same appearing one year later. ~ Kenyon Hopkin, Rovi
Genres: dreamo, piano rock

Guitar Chords:

Birds (ver. 2)
Cages (ver. 2)
Common Sense
Common Sense (ver. 2)
Dance In Perfect Time
From Priests To Thieves
Puzzles And Pieces
Sixteen Acoustic
Summer Forgets Me
The Right Mistakes
White Lights