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Deal Casino is an indie pop band from Asbury Park, NJ. Joe P and Jon Rodney started out in a cover band in 7th grade, with Joe C joining their freshman year of high school. During a brief stint in Nicole Atkins' band, Joe P met drummer Chris Donofrio, and knew immediately they needed to get him in the band. In 2013, the four of them became Deal Casino.

The spent the next 4 years living together in the same house in Asbury Park, paying their dues in the local music scene and coming into their own as a band. They played show after show at local venues, at one point have 3 different residencies at the same time. They spent all their free time playing, writing and recording in a local recording studio. Foregoing sleep and sanity, they recorded 3 EP's at the same time-Heck (2014), Nika (2015), and Human Cannonball (2016), all leading to the release of their first, self-titled LP. In December 2017, they released the Calidus EP, with live and bonus material.

In 2018, they retreated to Fidelitorium Studios in NC to record a collection of new songs written by the band. This resulted in the Isadora Duncan EP and their second LP, entitled LLC, both produced by Erik Kase Romero of The Front Bottoms. In late 2018, they hit the road opening for The Wrecks on their first U.S. tour.
Genres: new jersey indie

Guitar Chords:

Red Balloon