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Dave Carroll


Award winning singer-songwriter, keynote speaker, author and master storyteller, Dave Carroll is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. For over two decades, Dave has worked exclusively as a songwriter and performer. He began his music career with his brother Don in the band Sons of Maxwell and has also been enjoying success as a solo artist since 2008. He released his debut solo album Perfect Blue in 2008 and a second solo album in 2012 Raincoat in Vegas. Dave is currently working on his third solo album.

In July 2009, Dave Carroll's United Breaks Guitars anthem became a metaphor for change and innovation when social media was still in its infancy. His YouTube music video became the #1 music video in the world for a month and launched a new career as a speaker, author, thought leader and consumer advocate. Even today, his story continues to be a relevant case study in business circles and in schools (from Kindergarteners to Harvard). Dave has since accepted invitations to over 30 countries to share his music and his insights around customer experience, branding, storytelling and the benefits to becoming more compassionate. United Breaks Guitars was even featured as a $1000 question on the hit show Jeopardy. In 2012, HayHouse published Dave Carroll’s first book, “United Breaks Guitars: The Power of One Voice in The Age of Social Media.” <br>

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United Breaks Guitars Song 2