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Darren Korb


Darren Korb is an award-winning composer and musician behind the hit scores for the video games Bastion, Transistor, and Pyre. Before joining Supergiant Games, Darren authored songs for the Rock Band network – something that combined his lifelong love of music with his lifelong love of games. In fact, in 2010, Darren reigned as the Rock Band 2 national champion. Seriously, you should see the photos. At Supergiant Games, Darren is a one-man band who provides all of the outstanding audio in their games, from the thousands of sound effects to the memorable scores performed in a variety of genre-bending styles. Darren also directs and edits all the voiceover narration for the games at Supergiant. Darren's original scores have received dozens of industry accolades, nominations, and awards, including the VGA Award for Best Original Score (Bastion, 2011) and the SXSW Award for Excellence in Musical Score (Transistor, 2014).
Genres: chamber pop, deep chiptune, scorecore, video game music

Guitar Chords:

Bound Together
Build That Wall Zias Theme
Build That Wall Zias Theme (ver. 2)
Build That Wall Zias Theme (ver. 3)
Build That Wall Zias Theme (ver. 4)
In Circles
In The Flame
Mother Im Here
Mother Im Here (ver. 2)
Mother Im Here (ver. 3)
Paper Boats
Setting Sail Coming Home
She Shines
Signals (ver. 2)
The Pantheon
The Pantheon (ver. 2)
The Spine
The Spine (ver. 2)
Vagrant Song
We All Become