Daoiri Farrell - Van Diemens Land Guitar Chords

Daoiri Farrell

irish folk

Chords: Dm, C, G
[Verse 1]
Dm                        C              C    G    Dm
  Come all ye gallant poachers that ramble void of care
     Dm                   C                      C         Dm           G
That walked out on a moonlight night with your dog, your gun, your snare
         Dm             C                C      G     Dm
The hare and the lofty pheasant, you have at your command
      Dm                C           C     G     Dm
Not thinking on your last career upon Van Diemen's Land

[Verse 2]
Dm                          C               C        G       Dm
 Poor Thomas Brown from Nenagh Town, Jack Murphy and poor Joe
     Dm                   C                C        Dm      G
Were three determined poachers, as the county well does know
         Dm              C                  C         G      Dm
By the keepers of the land, me boys, one night they were trepanned
      Dm                      C        C    G        Dm
And for fourteen years transported unto Van Diemen's Land

[Verse 3]
Dm                         C       C        G    Dm
  The first day that we landed upon that fatal shore
     Dm               C             C        Dm          G
The planters came around us there might be twenty score
         Dm                C              C       G     Dm
They ranked us off like horses and they sold us out of hand
      Dm                      C                   C        G        Dm
And they yoked us to the plough, brave boys, to plough Van Diemen's Land

[Verse 4]
Dm                    C            C         G     Dm
   The cottages we live in are built with sods of clay
     Dm                   C                 C     Dm          G
We have rotten straw for bedding, but we dare not say them nay
         Dm              C             C       G         Dm
Our cots we fence with wire and we slumber when we can
      Dm                 C          C        G         Dm
To keep the wolves and tigers from us in Van Diemen's Land

[Verse 5]
Dm                        C             C          G    Dm
God bless our wives and families, likewise that happy shore,
Dm                    C            C        Dm            G
That isle of sweet contentment, which we shall see no more
Dm                    C             C       G       Dm
As for the wretched females, See them we seldom can,
Dm                           C            C   G         Dm
There are fourteen men to every woman In Van Diemen's Land.

[Verse 6]
Dm                       C          C       G      Dm
  Oft times when I do slumber, I have a pleasant dream
     Dm                      C        C         Dm             G
With my sweetheart sitting near me, close by a purling stream
         Dm                 C               C       G         Dm
I am roaming through old Ireland with my true love by the hand
      Dm               C       C     G          Dm
But awaken, broken hearted, upon Van Diemen's Land

[Verse 7]
Dm                   C                C         G         Dm
  Oh, if I had a thousand pounds, all laid out in my hand
     Dm                C           C      Dm         G
I'd give it all for liberty, if that I could command
         Dm        C               C       G        Dm
Again to Ireland I'd return and I'd be a happy man
      Dm                   C       C        G          Dm
And I'd bid farewell to poaching and to Van Diemen's Land


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