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Danny Wilde was a founding member of the sadly overlooked The Quick, a now-legendary power pop band which featured future members of the Cruzados, The Three O'Clock, and The Weirdos. Their debut LP, Mondo Deco, made them one of the first L.A. D.I.Y. bands to record for a major label (Mercury), but it proved to be the only such release. The EP Alpha/Beta, recorded in an unsuccessful bid to score a new deal with Elektra, was released through their fan club in 1978, and the band soon called it quits. Wilde then went on to form Great Buildings, a Los Angeles based power pop band that released one album in 1981. After the band's demise, Wilde pursued a solo career, releasing three albums -- The Boyfriend, Any Man's Hunger and 1989's Danny Wilde. After the third album failed commercially, Wilde formed the Rembrandts with former Great Buildings band mate Phil Solem. The Rembrandts went on to have moderate success in the '90s, and were best known for the hit "I'll Be There for You," the theme to the sitcom Friends. By 1998, Wilde was performing as Danny Wilde and the Rembrandts, releasing the LP Spin This! ~ Chris Woodstra

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