Daniel Doss Band - Blessed Is The One Guitar Chords

Daniel Doss Band

ccm, christian music, worship

Chords: D, Asus, Bm7, D/F#, G/B, A/C#, A, G, Em7
[Verse 1]
D          Asus               Bm7  G2(no3)
Blessed is the one who trusts You  
D/F#             Asus      Bm7    G2(no3)
Like a tree that cannot be moved  
D            Asus         Bm7   G2(no3)
You say jump to arms wide open  
D/F#           Asus          Bm7G2(no3)
I am scared but I am willing 
    D/F#          G2(no3)
For blessed is the
Asus      G/B      A/C#            
Blessed is the one who trusts You 
D      A                  Bm7   
(You), faithful, just and good 
Shepherd of my heart 
     A               G   
Lead me to where You are
[Verse 2]
    D         Asus          Bm7  G2(no3)
And I remember all Your goodness 
D/F#              Asus       Bm7    G2(no3)
Suffering through the desert places 
    D          Asus        Bm7  G2(no3)
You never said it would be easy 
D/F#             Asus           Bm7G2(no3)
You just promised you'd be with me 
[Chorus 2]
D        A            Em7  
You, who holds my destiny 
I'll follow foolishly 
     A               G     
Your love will be my song 
So I will trust You
I will trust You in the pain 
When I can't see past today 
When it's hard to lift my 
hands to praise You, I will trust You

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