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Daniel Cirera


A Swedish born and based singer/songwriter, Daniel Cirera (born Daniel Cirera Jimenez on July 31, 1976 in Malmo) caught the ears of the listeners and labels with his rather scathing and blunt take on being burned by an ex-girlfriend in the single, "Motherf***er Fake Vegetarian Ex-Girlfriend." Cirera learned the guitar as a teenager, and played in a band or two, but settled into a career in commercial law. It was at this point that the break-up occurred, sending Cirera on a world-wide road trip, and when he returned home to Sweden, he decided to build a studio and record an album. That album, Honestly I Love You *Cough, was eventually picked up by a small label and released in 2004. The buzz created by his honest take on relationships and life was enough to entice a more worldwide interest, and Cirera signed with Tommy Boy, who re-released Honestly I Love You *Cough in 2006. ~ Chris True, Rovi

Guitar Chords:

Motherfucker Fake Vegetarian Ex-Girlfriend