Daniel Chua - Jesus Is Lord Guitar Chords

Chords: C, Am, F, G, D, Bm, A, E, C#m, B, F#, Ebm, C#
            C                      Am
Jesus is Lord! Behold the King of kings,
            F                      G
exalted high, the Name above all names.
             C                         Am
I sing His praise, the Lamb upon the throne,
               F                       G
who reigns in glory, pow'r and majesty.

            D                         Bm
This is my God. Behold His hands and side,
               G                         A
the wounds of love that healed my brokenness.
              D                     Bm
What God is this? What kind of sacrifice
              G                        A
would give so much to gain a loveless soul?

            E                       C#m
For me to live is Christ, to die is gain,
                A                          B
for Christ has died that I might gain His life.
          E                       C#m
He is my all, my joy, my righteousness,
           A                      B
my hope of glory when He comes to reign.

          F#                     Ebm
Yes, suddenly my God shall come again,
           B                         C#
and every knee shall bow before His name.
              F#                    Ebm
And He shall reign forever on the throne,
           B                        C#
and in his glory there shall I proclaim:
          Ebm              C#
'Jesus is Lord, Jesus is Lord,
          B               F#
Jesus is Lord, Jesus is Lord!'

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