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Daniel Ahearn


Singer/songwriter Daniel Ahearn originally released his first album under the moniker Burakumin in 2000. He then founded the alt-country band Ill Lit, named after a book of poems by Franz Wright. Ill Lit released three records WACMusic (2002), I Need You (2004), Tom Cruise (2006). In 2006, Ahearn began releasing music under his own name. In 2009 he produced the ambient poetry recording Readings from Wheeling Motel by Pulitzer Prize Winning poet Franz wright . In 2009 Daniel co-wrote the Mads Langer hit song Wake Me Up In Time
Ahearn's first solo record Long way home landed a song, 'I will let you go' in the 2011 box office hit No Strings Attached directed by Ivan Reitman. Ahearn released the record Sirens under the name Daniel Ahearn & The Jones produced by Mocky in 2013. The title track was featured in the Sundance hit Hot Girls Wanted, for which Ahearn also wrote original music and scored, including a duet with Rashida Jones for the song Wanted to Be Loved . Daniel worked with Moby on the score for The Ever After, as well as creating music for the upcoming Mark Webber film 'Flesh and Blood'.In 2016 Daniel was featured on the GAMPER & DADONI track Close to You Ahearn made his acting debut in 2014 and stared in the 2017 SXSW hit Inheritance shot on location in Belize. In 2018 Daniel worked with MARKS on a series of electro-ambient singles.

Guitar Chords:

I Will Let You Go
Wanted To Be Loved