Danger Scene Guitar Chords

Danger Scene


Danger Scene was born with a common goal. Make the music that they would listen to and impact people with relevent, possitive lyrics. “Music is what we love. It has impacted us in a major way. This is the way God has given us to love on others and be the example we want others to see…” Matthew quotes without hesitation.
These brothers are not new faces to the music world though. Already their single "I Wanna To Be Famous" has charted at #2 on Billboard Christian Rock for 26 weeks and their song "Drive" charted at #15 for 10 weeks.
Their last project “The Lost Colors” received recognition by winning a nationwide battle of the bands that landed them slots on 15+ festivals from San Diego to Atlanta. Not to mention opening for bands such as Hey Monday, Relient K, Breathe Carolina, Emery, RED, and Hawthorne Heights. They have also played multiple warped tour dates, all of this done while being independent of a label.
But what really make these two special are their music and the shows they put on. Danger Scene is one of the most fun and exciting groups to watch live. With only two members, Danger Scene fills more space on stage than some 5-piece bands. Electro-Poprock has never been so much fun. Dance breaks and high energy are a staple for the boys. Michael (Vocals) goes from keys to front man seamlessly. Matthew (Drums) could be the only one on stage and still captivate with his showy yet fun style of playing.

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