Danger Mouse - The World Guitar Chords

Danger Mouse

garage rock, mashup

Chords: D, Dm, C, Gm, Am, Bb, F

D Dm C Dm (x2)

Gm                Am
   The world is a running brook, take a look

   Bb                      F               C
   Cold and always moving, blind but never soothing

Gm               Am              
   It moves like you and I, and never lies

   Bb                         F             C
   Perfect like a circle, and powerful with energy

D Dm C Dm (x2)

Gm                 Am
   The world is an open book, take a look
   Bb                              F                 C
   Welcome to your own abuse your greed is your own hangman's noose

Gm                            Am
   She takes whatever you can give to her, no sooner
Bb                          F                 C
   Never judging, no matter how much you seem not to care

D Dm C Dm (x2)

Gm                Am   
   The world is a bull whose horns you cannot pull

   Bb                  F               C
   Silently rewarding, relentlessly commanding

Gm                       Am
   The world's own heart seems to be left behind

        Bb                             F    C
   Your heart was left behind you, and I am behind you, 

   D       Dm C Dm

D Dm C Dm

Gm Am  \
        } (x2)
Bb F C_/ 

D Dm C Dm (x2), fade out

Please leave any suggestions you might have as I'm sure this may not sound 100% 
accurate (first tab, etc.)

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