Danger Flowers - All Over Me Guitar Chords

Song versions: 1 2
Chords: Em, C, G, D, EM
i'm a beginner this is my first tab/chords. whatever. it's just cause the other version 
seem to work for me.


Em                        C         G
The space between what’s wrong and right,
Em                        C   G            (you can play the G as D w/e)
You will find me waiting for you.
Em                      C         Em
All your fortresses go down in the night,
Em       C               G
To the dawn I’ll see you through.


Em       C              G
Cause I know, that you know,
            D     Em
You’re all over me now.
           EM              C
And it’s clear, you will show,
            G          C                  (maybe this C should be Em w/e)
And your curtains will go.
              C        Em
But if your heart is cold,
     G          Em
My sheets are warm,
I will shelter you,
G             Em
Through the storm.
Em             C
I will shelter you,
   All through the storm.

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