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Dana Glover


Singer/songwriter Dana Glover is a kindred spirit who finds solace in her own imagination. While growing up in North Carolina, Glover spent a lot of time moving around. By the time she was a teenager, her family had moved to three different suburbs in North Carolina. Attending church kept Glover and her family grounded. She absorbed the Southern appeal of gospel music, eventually seeking out the sounds of the Winans and the Imperials. She tried piano lessons, but learning music on her own time and ear was much more satisfying. She picked up the saxophone and knew music was her calling. In the eighth grade, Glover performed "St. Elmo's Fire" in a school talent show. From there, she was determined to make music for a living.

When Glover was 16, she left the beautiful South for the bustling streets of New York City for a career in modeling. The money was good, and she got her feet wet in a cultural mecca, but she continued writing songs. Modeling gave her the opportunity to see the world and that forced her to grow up fast, but this only impacted her songwriting for the better. Two years in New York were enough for Glover, however; she and her family reconnected in Nashville when she was 18. She attempted to find her musical niche, but Nashville wasn't exactly her kind of place. She and her brother eventually left for Los Angeles. It was a bold move, and one in which her dreams would become reality.

Glover frantically got everything together for an audition with DreamWorks. She was a nervous wreck, but her nerves worked in her favor. Ex-Band musician, songwriter, and DreamWorks affiliate Robbie Robertson signed Glover. Her voice went on to be featured on soundtracks for Shrek and The Wedding Planner. In fall 2002, Dana Glover made her proper debut with Testimony. ~ MacKenzie Wilson, Rovi

Guitar Chords:

It Is You
It Is You (ver. 2)
Start All Over Again
The Way Radio Song