Dan Sultan - Aint Thinking About You Guitar Chords

Dan Sultan

australian indigenous, australian rock, deep australian indie

Chords: Em, A7, D, B7, C, D#, A
Ain’t Thinking About You – Dan Sultan

[intro]  (A7 as this shape x02223)

  Em             A7  

G|---9------7\------2---2----2-|             x2

[verse 1]
         Em              A7
You been lookin’ for some time it seems
         Em                  A7
But you gotta take a step back
Em                 A7
Say that she’s the girl of your dreams
         Em                   A7
But she ain’t havin none of that
    Em                    A7
You lyin awake, you can’t sleep at night, 
            Em                          A7
With just a thought runnin’ through your head
Em                       A7
What you can take til it ain’t alright
              Em                  A7
with just one pillow layin on your bed.

    Em   -   D           A7
She ain’t thinkin’ about you babe
    Em   -   D           A7
She ain’t thinkin’ about you babe
    Em   -   D           A7
She ain’t thinkin’ about you babe
    Em   -   D           A7
She ain’t thinkin’ about you babe

Em  A7   Em  A7

[verse 2]
                Em                 A7
Oh now you been searchin all your life it seems
         Em                         A7
but you gotta listen to what’s been said
Em                   A7
How you ever gonna realise your dreams
             Em                     A7
If it’s all mixed up inside your head?
        Em                            A7
So you get in your car and you light a cigarette
         Em               A7
And you drive over to her house
     Em                A7
You knock on the door, heard you’s there
     Em                   A7
She turned all the lights off

                           B7     B7      C   B7                    B7
Now I like to think about her               I like to think about her
B7           C                      D -  D#
   She ain’t thinkin, no she ain’t thinkin about you babe

EmD    A
EmD    A
EmD    A
EmD    A

[chorus x2]

Extra guitar part during last choruses


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