Dan Seals - Everything That Glitters Guitar Chords

Dan Seals

country, country gospel, country rock, nashville sound

Chords: C, Em, Am, Am7, F, G, Dm
Artist: Dan Seals
Song: Everything That Glitters

C   Em  Am   Am7   F

[Verse 1]
            C                       F             C
Saw your picture on a poster, in a cafe out in Phoenix
               Am                   G       F
Guess you're still the sweet heart of the rodeo
       C                     F                   C
As for me and little Casey, we still make the circuit
      Am                G            F
In a one horse trailer and a mobile home
    Dm                                G
And she still asks about you all the time
       Dm                              G
And I guess we never even cross your mind

          C                Em
But oh sometimes I think about you
         F                C
And the way you used to ride out
In your rhinestones and your sequins
With the sunlight on your hair
             C                Em
And oh the crowd will always love you
            F                C
But as for me I've come to know
                        G       C
Everything that glitters is not gold

[Verse 2]
          C                                F           C
Well old Red he's getting older, and last Saturday he stumbled

         Am                G               F
But you know I just can't bear to let him go

        C                                 F                 C
Little Casey she's still growing and she's started asking questions

             Am              G                F
And there's certain things a man just doesn't know

     Dm                                G
Her birthday came and you never even called

   Dm                                G
I guess we never cross your mind at all

      Am              Em             F
Everybody said you'd make it big someday

       Am                 Em           F
And I guess that we were only in your way

      C                    Em             F     Am   Dm   C
But someday I'm sure your gonna know the cost

             Dm                                  G
Cause for everything you win there's something lost

C    Em  F   C   Am   G  F  (to fade)

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