Dan Schutte - Blest Be The Lord Guitar Chords

Dan Schutte


Chords: C, D, G, Em, Am7
Blest Be the Lord 
by Dan Schutte - Saint Louis Jesuits
Submitted by John Relova

INTRO: C - D - C - G

                 C                D                    G                  Em
   Blest be the Lord(Blest be the Lord), Blest be the Lord (Blest be the Lord)
                 Am7           D          G
     The God of mercy,      the God who saves
                 C                D        G                          Em
   I shall not fear(I shall not fear) the dark of night(the dark of night)
                  Am7       D       G
       nor the arrow that flies by day

C              D                C              G
   He will release me from the nets of sinful men
D           C                    G
   He will protect me from their wicked hands
C               D             C              G
    beneath the shadow of His wings I will rejoice
D             C                G
    to find a dwelling place secure.
(Repeat Chorus)

C              D                 C              G
   I need not shrink before the terrors  of the night
D              C              G
   nor stand alone before the light of day
C                 D            C               G
   no harm shall come to me no arrow strike me down
D           C           G
   no evil settle in my soul
(Repeat Chorus)

C              D                 C           G
   Although a thousand men have fallen at my side
D              C                G
   I’ll not be shaken with the Lord at hand
C               D               C             G
   His faithful love is all the armour that I need
D             C             G
   to wage my battle with the foe  

    C - D - C - G - G

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