Dan Mangan - Oh Fortune Guitar Chords

Dan Mangan

canadian folk, canadian indie, deep new americana, vancouver indie

Chords: A5, B5, E, C#m, Am
Notes this is quick tab I did this morning after not being able to find anyone else who 
had done it. Its a hack job and I'm hoping people will feel free to make 
revisions/corrections. Especially on the E? chord )

***Revisions added Aug.12, 2012*** 

Thanks to the UG users who commented, especially mojomike!

Standard Tuning


E  - e --x----|
     b --x----|
     g --x----|
     d --6----|
     A --7----|
     E --7----|

A5, B5 (played on 7th), E

Intro E

Oh fortune
                 A5    E
Bring fortune to spare
Time's passing
                 A5     E
We're worsing for wear

C#m                    E
Aching for breathable air
A5  Am         E       B5
Oh my God it's killing me

Oh chances
             A5    E
Oh forces of luck
Fields arid
Windows boarded enough

C#m                     E
Lord, let those skies open up
A5   Am          E      B5
Powers that be forsaken me

Oh choices
             A5       E
Bring voices resound
Please be merry when I am buried
A5            E
In the ground
Nice to have the kids around
A5                E        B5    E
And oh my God it's killing me

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