Dan Legroulx - Skinny Love Guitar Chords

Chords: Em, C, G, D
Link to the song: https://soundcloud.com/danlegroulx/dan-legroulx-skinny-love


Em-C-G-D  throughout the entire song. Listen for pace changes. Some pretty liberal 
finger picking so feel free to be creative...

Why you so skinny love?
You got a problem? What's your problem?
You're looking at me like I'm dying too...
I got news for you, I am not like you
I wear it on my sleeve, but it's not who I am
I'm just a friend of someone who once knew you
You run out, you run out, you run out and they chase you
What's wrong with you?

Why you skinny love X2

You take it, you take it, you take it, you take it away with you
You deserve to be a normal girl at a normal high school,
but you don't think like the rest of them, and you're looking for trouble
It's not you, it's your soul that is aching and is breaking,
and  you can' control  yourself now

Don't be so skinny love X2

I'm not gonna chase you anymore, if you walk out the door
I know that you've got to be better for yourself,
Police involved, they got the therapy,
they got an ambulance saying that you're chasing me,
I don't know if you can, please come back again,
It's like a nightmare for me
I don't know anything about what you're going through
but inside I feel I could be just like you...

Don't be so skinny love X2
Don't be so skinny love/It's not your fault, It's not your fault
Don't be so skinny love

(Slowed Down Tempo)

Anytime, you want to talk
Maybe just go for a walk
Can't promise that it'll be fun
But less troubling then a stroll for one
Ooo ooo ooo Look at you, somethings changed
Got a beauty in you

You're not too skinny love,
You're not too much
You're not too skinny love
You're not too much, You're not too much
You're not too much, Now don't be so skinny love,
ooooo Welcome to you

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