Dan Layus - Enough For You Guitar Chords

Chords: Am, G, C, F
Saw him live in Austin and this is how he plays it. He hammers on and off with his
middle finger on pretty
much every chord which gives it that Dan Layus touch! His strumming is really soft and
low and he holds an
F note longer on certain parts then plays Am,G,C really quick
I have yet to find tabs to his new album so I thought I'd Share!

 Standard Tuning
Capo 2

          Am            G                   C
When I grow up I want to feel like somebody else
  F                       G
I feel like nothing's changed
  F                       G
Got a couple more lines on my face
  F                  G
A few bad habits replaced
  F                             Am       G          C
The songs I write don't ever sound the way that I want
  F                   G
And I feel like I'm a joke
  F                        G
I wish I was cool like the stones
  F                      G
But there's no direction home

          Am    G   C
But I'm your baby
          Am    G  C
You're my babaaay too
           Am       G
That's enough as long as
Am         G      C
I am enough for you (X2)
F                         Am          G            C
Might sound strange but I feel like a man on a cloud
     F                        G
It's kind of hard to find a parallel
    F                        G
You could have chosen anybody else
   F                       G
I love you more than life itself
  F                      Am        G         C
You and me may never truly understand who we are
 F                         G
But honey i dot really care
 F                        G
I feel like I'm walking on air
 F                  G
Ill follow you anywhere

(chorus) x2

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