Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks - Milk Shakin Momma Guitar Chords

Chords: Cb, C, C7, F, E, G, F#, A7, F#dim, A, D7, C4, C2, B3, C3, C5, B4
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Date: Mon, 11 Sep 1995 21:24:28 -0400 (EDT)
From: EJL 
Subject: milk shakin' momma by dan hicks

        Milk Shakin' Momma     Dan Hicks    Key of C   notes below

   Cb   C                      Cb      C
    I sat down at the counter, with my menu in my hand,
   Cb      C                         C7
    When I saw what was behind it, I hit a grand slam

             F                 F,E,F
  * I saw my milk shakin momma
           C                C,Cb,C
    Saw my soda jerkin baby
              G                            G,F#,F
    I saw the girl that keeps the ice cream
    And I just had to scream for her

   She said"what will you have sir" and "what flavor would you like"?
    And just the way she said it got me higher than a kite
 CH: Raspberry strawberry lemon or fudge
    Even some spumoni couldn't make me budge
    Marishino cherry, sittin on top
    Bananas and some whipped cream couldn't get me from that shop
    And then I had a root beer
    As I paid my check I wondered if'n she'd ever call me dear
    She's the girl that keeps the ice cream
    F                            C
    And I just had to scream for her

    Luckily I hung around until she got off work
    Later we got married and had a bunch of little jerks

    That's my milk shakin momma, my soda jerking baby
    She's the girl that keeps the ice cream, and I just had to scream=
 for her

C,A7 F,              F#dim   C       A
    Next time you're hungry, take my advice
    D7           G            C
    Try the soda fountain, it could be just as nice
    It could be just as nice.     etc......            * ejl33@delphi=
.com *

     I'm not really sure which diminished chord this is, it looks lik=
E this
       x o
       =DA=C4=C2=C4=C2=C4=C2=C4=C2=C4=BF      =DA=C4=C43=C4=C4=C4=
=C4=C4    I play the Cb by simply moving all fingers
       =B3 =B3 1 1 1 1      =C3=C4=C41=C4=C4=C4=C4=C4    down one fre=
t.(lift the 1st finger) then
       =C3=C4=C5=C4=C5=C4=C5=C4=C5=C4=B4      =C3=C4=C42=C4=C4=C4=
=C4=C4    slide up. Same with the Fb,
       =B3 =B3 =B3 2 =B3 3      =C3=C4=C41=C4=C4=C4=C4
       =C3=C4=C5=C4=C5=C4=C5=C4=C5=C4=B4      =C3=C4=C4=C4=C4=C4=C4=
=C4=C4    If you have problems understanding this,
       =B3 =B3 =B3 =B3 =B3 =B3      =C0=C4=C4=C4=C4=C4=C4=C4=C4    pl=
ease let me know how I can do it better.
      I barre the first fret

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