Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks - I Feel Like Singin Guitar Chords

Chords: Bb7, A7, G7, F7, F13, C7, G, Ab7
Bb7   A7   Bb7   A7        G7   F7   F13   C7   G7

G7                                    C7
There are     people who live for the moment     moment     moment     moment
G7                                    C7
And others who don't seem to get much enjoyment     joyment     joyment     joyment
Bb7              A7      Bb7           A7
Some are always glad     others always sad
G7                                            C7
But lately   (lately)   seems that I been     somewhere in between
G7                           C7
It's a    funny  feeling     love is what I mean
Bb7           A7       Bb7                  A7
Yes I'm so in love     can't tell down from up above
G        F7       F13           C7  G7
Down     down     down     from up above

G7     C7
I feel like singin'     (dweet  dot  do da....)
Bb7                        A7     Bb7                A7
It's love that's where I'm at     love that makes me scat
Bb7    A7     Ab7            G7
Dwee   dwee   dwee    dwee   doo  dah........etc

G7                              C7
Yes it's love that's got me     somewhere in between     uh-huh
G7                             C7
And it's love that's made me a pauper or a king
Bb7                    A7      Bb7            A7      Bb7     A7      Ab7     G7
But I don't know which one     but it sure is fun     fun     fun     fun     fuuuuun
G7      C7
I feel like singin'........etc
Bb7                     A7      Bb7                A7       Bb7     A7     Ab7     G7
It's love that makes me sing    love that makes me swing    swing   swing  swing   swing
G7 C7
Aw swing it now
Bb7           A7       Bb7                     Ab7
Yes I'm so in love     can't tell down from up above

Down     down     down     down. . . . . down     down     down     down
Down     down     down     I'm so in love     (he's so in love)     I'm so in love

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