Dan Fogelberg - Sketches Guitar Chords

Dan Fogelberg

adult standards, album rock, bubblegum pop, folk

Chords: Dm, Em, Eb7, A, Bb, C, A7, Bbmaj7, Gm, Am7
Eb7 Could also be a Eb9

  Dm Em Dm Eb7 

  Dm                          Em         A
  Late in the summer when the cottonwood dies
      Dm                      Eb7
  The fields are on fire with green bottleflies
          Dm                          Em         A
  And I'm still seeing reflections of me in your eyes

      Bb          C          Dm
  And why did you leave last summer

           Dm                        Em        A
  Now, the seasons are changing from summer to fall
           Dm                     Eb7
  And I've still got that picture hung on my wall
              Dm                    Em         A
  And there's so much forgotten and too much recalled
      Bb          C        Dm
  And why did you leave at all
  Dm Bb Dm Bb

  Dm         Bb       Dm         Bb
  Standing beside you mid-winter day
  Dm             A7    Bbmaj7
  Hearts beating close together
  Dm           Bb         Dm         Bb
  Wishing that we'd found someway to make
  Dm          A7      Bbmaj7
  That moment last forever

  Gm                       A7 
  Standing silent laughing Breathing steam
  Gm                 A7
  Gazing down into a freezing stream
  Bbmaj7              Am7
  I saw the face of a child
  Bbmaj7              A
  I saw the face of a child.

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