Dan Feiten - Seed Scattered And Sown Guitar Chords

Chords: C, G, Am, F, C7, Dm7, G7, Dm, E

C      G             Am
Seed, scattered and sown,
F       G            C    C7
Wheat, gathered and grown,
F       G         C         Am
Bread, broken and shared as one,
    Dm7             G     G7
The Living bread of God.
C      G            Am
Vine, fruit of the land, 
F      G           C     C7
Wine, work of our hands, 
F   G             C       Am
One cup that is shared by all 
Dm7        C        Dm7     G        C     G
The Living Cup, the Living Bread of God.

[Verse 1]

Am  G      F         C
Is not the bread we break,
   Dm     G       C
A sharing in our Lord?
E           Am
Is not the cup we bless,
     F                  G      G7
The blood of Christ outpoured?

[Verse 2]

Am  G          F         C
The seed which falls on rock
     Dm     G         C
Will wither and will die,
E           Am
The seed within good ground
     F                G   G7
Will flower and have life.

[Verse 3]

Am  G      F        C
As wheat upon the hills
      Dm     G        C
Was gathered and was grown,
E           Am
So may the Church of God
     F            G      G7
Be gathered into one.

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