Dan Burnette - Mr Ghetto-Long Guitar Chords

Chords: G, D, E, C, Cadd9
Mr. Ghetto-long
Dan Burnette
Before we Began (2011)
Written By Dan Burnette

-Note: all chords are in open position, no bar chords.-

G         D  E      G              D E
He's kind of queer, and he sits in a cloak
G                D     E
He kind of looks like, a Jewish monk
G        D                   E
His name is, Mr. Ghetto-long
G        D                E
Name is, Mr. Ghetto-long

G               D         E
He looks like a Jew, in a cloak
G               D  E
He got no friends, cause he's a filthy lawyer Jew

G                              D              
I know that I'm ripping on the Jews really bad
E                                        C
But my name is Jason, And I look like a Jew
G                  D
I got not friends, cause I'm greedy as fuck
E                     C
So I became a lawyer, to follow my breed

E                C
Mr. Ghetto-long, Mr. Ghetto-long
Cadd9                       D(13fret) D(14fret) D(15fret)
Get a long Mr. Ghetto-long

-Cadd9 is a D Major shape at 12 fret-
Keep moing chromatically until you get to the 19th fret.

-Any questions just ask-

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