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Dan Balan


Originally from the Republic of Moldova, Dan Balan is a singer, songwriter and producer - the holy trinity of music. He is the first and only songwriter in his home country who was ever nominated for a Grammy, being nominated as co-writer to Rihanna and T.I’s “Live Your Life”. As the founder of the eurodance trio O-Zone, the artist wrote and produced their international hit single “Dragostea din Tei”, also known as the “Numa Numa Song". The track instantly became a world-wide sensation, topping charts in over 30 countries and selling over 12 million copies. Fourteen years later, Dan releases an upbeat remake of the original song under the name of “Numa Numa 2”, featuring Marley Waters. Once again, the “Numa Numa” hype hit strongly, covering numerous territories. The musician is also well-known for his European hit-singles “Chica Bomb”, “Justify Sex” and “Freedom”.
Genres: romanian pop

Guitar Chords:

Allegro Ventigo
Despre Tine Cant Part 2
Лишь До Утра