Dan Auerbach - Goin Home Guitar Chords

Dan Auerbach

folk-pop, funk, garage rock, indie folk

Song versions: 1 2 3
Chords: D, C, G, A
Dan Auerbach -- Goin' Home

capo 7th fret

I'm just learning so maybe someone with a better ear can help me out with the specifics


D    C G C G D
A    C   D

     D              C         G
I’ve spent too long away from home

    C       G        C          D
Did all the things I could have done

     D               C       G
Gone are the days of endless thrills

  C        G       C    D
I know I’m not the only one

   A         C            D 
So long, I’m goin’, goin’ home…


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