Damon Albarn - Hollow Ponds Guitar Chords

Damon Albarn


Chords: Bbm, Am, Ab, Gm, F#
Artist: Damon Albarn
Album: Everyday Robot
Song: Hollow Ponds

Tabbed by: 
August September (www.soundcloud.com/august-september)

Bbm Am Ab Gm 
F#     Ab

[Verse 1]
Bbm           Am
Chill on the hollow ponds
Ab               Gm
   Set sail by a kid
F#                                   Ab
   In the heat wave that hit us all, 1976

[Verse 2]
I felt the percussion
The green man had gone
Half my road was now a motorway, 1991

[Verse 3]
I was by the Black Sea
Two hours in time
Spiny urchins and a new school bell, 1979

[Verse 4]
Changed into lakeside
In January (hollow ponds)
Modern life was sprayed onto a wall in 1993

Bbm Am Ab Gm 
F#     Ab

[Verse 5]
Where the horses and passing trains
Have been tangled reveal
In the green woods where you walked with me
Ship on hollow ponds was filled

[Verse 6]
Up with the dreams we shared on our CDs
Every moment now and everyday
Every moment now and everyday

          Bbm:  688666
           Am:  577555
           Ab:  466544
           Gm:  355333
           F#:  244322

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