Damien Rice - Wake Up Guitar Chords

Damien Rice

acoustic pop, folk-pop, indie folk, irish rock

Chords: Em7, Asus, F#m, C, G, Em, D, Dm7, Fadd9
                       Damien Rice - Wake up

Artist: Damien Rice
Title: Wake up
Contact: Conor_lfc8@hotmail.com
Tuning: Standard (EADGBe) 

- Enjoy! -

(capo 2nd fret)


Em7            Asus    
Wake up, the day has begun

Em7             Asus
Wake up, up comes the morning sun

Em7              F#m                 Em7
I said get up come on shake a leg!

Em7             F#m                    Em7
Your fed up and you need to get paid

Em7                            Asus
Your broke, your lifes a joke

Em7                   Asus 
Your on this road alone     (alone)

Em7                    Asus
Call her - you say you aint got no phone

Em7                     Asus
Find her - you dont know were shes gone

Chorus:    (repeat x2)

C    G       Em   Em7   C
You want her now!

C      G       Em   Em7  C
Scream it out loud! 

C     G      D   Dm7
Pray for her now . . .

N.C             Fadd9
. . . .and just come back home  x2
Cause im all alone, and just come back home

(Repeat intro and Chorus)

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