Damien Rice - Rat Within The Grain Guitar Chords

Damien Rice

acoustic pop, folk-pop, indie folk, irish rock

Song versions: 1 2
Chords: C, G, Am, Em, F, Dm
And now, I present the greatest song from Damien Rice's new album "9"

This is my first tab...be gentle

C                   G             Am               Em 
This would not have happened if I hadn't missed my plane

           F                                     G
I would've been there when they told you I'm the rat within the grain.

     C                G                      Am         Em
Then this big misunderstanding out, wouldn't be misunderstood.

                 F                                     G
You're thinking' someone's trying to fu*k with me, set fire to my wood.

           F           G          C
I wouldn't want you to want to be wanted by me.

           Dm                         G
I wouldn't want you to worry you'd be drowned within my sea.

       C            G              Am           Em
I only wanted to be wonderful, and wonderful is true.

            F                        G         C
In truth, I only really wanted to be wanted by you.

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