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Damien Rice


Irish alternative singer/songwriter Damien Rice launched his music career in the late '90s with the hard-hitting indie rock outfit Juniper. The group signed to Polygram in 1997 and released two singles, "The World Is Dead" and "Weathermen," which did moderately well on Irish radio. When it came time to record a full-length album, however, contractual rules from the label prevented Juniper from doing so, and Rice split.

After a brief respite in Europe, Rice returned to Dublin to focus on music once again, scrounging up enough money to record a demo. He sent it to producer/film composer David Arnold (Björk, Nina Persson, Paul Oakenfold), and Arnold loved it so much, he set up a mobile studio for Rice to make a record. His first single, "The Blower's Daughter," was a Top 20 hit when it appeared in fall 2001, and Rice released his debut album O early the following year. The album soon spread across the United Kingdom, hitting Top Ten on the British charts and earning four-times platinum status. Rice hit the states in 2003, earning himself a dedicated group of American fans in addition to his European ones. After issuing a collection of B-sides in 2005, the Irishman released his sophomore record, 9, at the end of 2006. The album hit number one in Ireland, top five in Great Britain, and became his first record to reach the Top 40 in the U.S. After heavy touring, including an appearance at Glastonbury and a support slot for Leonard Cohen in Dublin in 2008, Rice pulled back a bit. Finally, in 2014, he announced a small show at the 25th Anniversary celebrations of Whelan's, a venue in the Irish capital. His third album, My Favourite Faded Fantasy, was produced by legendary American producer Rick Rubin, and released in November 2014. The album again reached number one on the Irish charts, and did well across Europe. ~ MacKenzie Wilson, Rovi
Genres: acoustic pop, folk-pop, indie folk, irish rock, irish singer-songwriter, neo mellow, singer-songwriter

Guitar Chords:

9 Crimes
9 Crimes (ver. 2)
9 Crimes (ver. 3)
9 Crimes (ver. 4)
9 Crimes (ver. 5)
9 Crimes (ver. 6)
Accidental Babies
Accidental Babies (ver. 2)
Amie (ver. 2)
Amie (ver. 3)
Amie (ver. 4)
Amie (ver. 5)
Amie (ver. 6)
Amie (ver. 7)
Animals Were Gone
Baby Sister
Baby Sister (ver. 2)
Back To Beginning
Back To Her Man
Beast And Beauty
Bottom Shelf
Bottom Shelf (ver. 2)
Cannonball (ver. 2)
Cannonball (ver. 3)
Cannonball (ver. 4)
Cannonball (ver. 5)
Cannonball (ver. 6)
Cheers Darlin
Cheers Darlin (ver. 2)
Childish (ver. 2)
Coconut Skins
Coconut Skins (ver. 2)
Coconut Skins (ver. 3)
Coconut Skins (ver. 4)
Cold Water
Cold Water (ver. 2)
Cold Water (ver. 3)
Colour Me In
Colour Me In (ver. 2)
Creep (ver. 2)
Creep (ver. 3)
Cross-Eyed Bear
Delicate (ver. 2)
Delicate (ver. 3)
Delicate (ver. 4)
Elephant (ver. 2)
Front Door
Grey Room
Grey Room (ver. 2)
Grey Room (ver. 3)
I Dont Want To Change You
I Dont Want To Change You (ver. 2)
Insane (ver. 2)
Insane (ver. 3)
I Remember
I Remember (ver. 2)
I Remember (ver. 3)
I Remember (ver. 4)
I Remember (ver. 5)
I Remember (ver. 6)
I Remember (ver. 7)
Is That It My Friend
It Didnt Take You Long
It Takes A Lot To Know A Man
Lonelily (ver. 2)
Lonelily (ver. 3)
Lonely Soldier
Lonely Soldier (ver. 2)
Long Long Way
Look At Me
Making Noise
My Favourite Faded Fantasy
My Favourite Faded Fantasy (ver. 2)
My Favourite Faded Fantasy (ver. 3)
No One Need Know
Older Chests
Older Chests (ver. 2)
On Children
Professor La Fille Danse
Que Sera
Rat Within The Grain
Rat Within The Grain (ver. 2)
Rootless Tree
Rootless Tree (ver. 2)
Rootless Tree (ver. 3)
Rule No 2 Y-Junction
Rule No 2 Y-Junction (ver. 2)
Sex Change
Silent Night
Sleep Dont Weep
Sleep Dont Weep (ver. 2)
Sleep Dont Weep (ver. 3)
Steal A Mule
The Blowers Daughter
The Blowers Daughter (ver. 2)
The Blowers Daughter (ver. 3)
The Blowers Daughter (ver. 4)
The Box
The Connoisseur Of Great Excuse
The Greatest Bastard
The Greatest Bastard (ver. 2)
The Greatest Bastard (ver. 3)
Then Go
Then Go (ver. 2)
The Professor
Toffee Pop
Trusty And True
Trusty And True (ver. 2)
Under The Tongue
Unplayed Piano
Unplayed Piano (ver. 2)
Unplayed Piano (ver. 3)
Volcano (ver. 2)
Wake Up
What If Im Wrong
What The Night Is For
What The Night Is For (ver. 2)
When Doves Cry
Wild And Free
Wild And Free (ver. 2)
Woman Like A Man
Woman Like A Man (ver. 2)
Woman Like A Man (ver. 3)
Wooden Horse
Your Ghost
You Shouldnt Be Here
You Shouldnt Be Here (ver. 2)